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[[File:Power Grid - Flickr - brewbooks (1).jpg|thumb|Power lines near Mansfield, Washington. Photo by [https://www.flickr.com/people/93452909@N00 brewbooks].]]
Intelligence services of a State compromise the supply chain of an industrial control system in another State, thereby gaining access to a part of its electric power grid. Subsequent attacksoperations bring down the grid, leading to prolonged blackouts. The scenario considers whether such incidents may amount to, among others, a prohibited use of force, an intervention in the internal affairs of another State, or a violation of the sovereignty of another State. Specific consideration is given to whether there exists a standalone obligation to refrain from attackingconducting operations against critical infrastructure of other States through cyber means.
== Scenario ==
Government-owned company X is responsible for the distribution of electricity across a large part of the territory of State A. Accordingly, its infrastructure has been designated as part of “critical national infrastructure” by the domestic law.
Delivery of computers procured as part of the modernisation of the [[Glossary|industrial control systems (ICS)]] used by company X is, unbeknownst to either of the contractual parties, compromised by attackershackers who succeed in installing concealed remote-control equipment in the computers in question. Once the computers are integrated in the ICS, the attackershackers are able to remotely monitor the activities in the technical control centre and to assume control over the infrastructure of company X without the staff knowing.
In the meantime, the relationship between States A and B, frail due to a shared history and a complicated ethnic composition of State A, whom State B periodically accuses of mistreating its large ethnic minority, significantly deteriorates. At one point, the distribution of power to tens of thousands of households in State A suddenly comes to a halt.
=== Examples ===
* [[Black Energy attacksincidents (since 2014)]]
* [[Stuxnet/Olympic Games (2010)]]
* [[Steel mill in Germany (2014)]]
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