Bangladesh internet outage (2008)

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Date 2008
Actor Unknown
Victim Bangladesh
Target systems Submarine cables connecting Bangladesh with other parts of the world
Method A submarine cable was damaged or severed.[1]
Purpose N/A
Result Disruption of internet connectivity in several countries, including Bangladesh.[1]

Similarly, damage to a single submarine cable in 2012 caused a week-long internet disruption in Bangladesh, with its citizens either unable to access the Internet or experiencing extremely slow connections.[2]

Aftermath The Government of Bangladesh has realised this as an issue. Its International Long Distance Telecommunication Services Policy of 2010 outlined the country’s aim is to increase redundancy in interconnection, and have multiple pathways to the international networks.[3] This can ensure uninterrupted connectivity to the Internet in Bangladesh in case a particular foreign network or cable fails.
Analysed in Scenario 24: Internet blockage

Collected by: Gurshabad Grover & Arindrajit Basu

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