Brno University Hospital ransomware attack (2020)

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Date 13 March 2020[1], one day after the Czech government declared a state of emergency due to the COVID-19 crisis.[2]
Suspected actor Unknown
Target Brno University Hospital, the second-largest hospital in the Czech Republic, at the time also providing COVID-19 testing capacities.[3]
Target systems Microsoft Windows-based systems
Method The attackers probably used a spear-phishing technique to gain access to the hospital’s network[4] and then deployed ransomware into the network to encrypt the hospital’s data.[5]
Purpose The attackers most likely aimed at gaining financial profit.[4]
Result The hospital was forced to shut down its entire IT network.[6] The hospital personnel was instructed not to switch on any computer.[3] The medics were unable to access patients’ data[1] and had to write and transfer their notes manually.[5] Some data were lost irreversibly. The hospital had to postpone urgent surgical interventions and reroute patients to other nearby hospitals.[6] It took several weeks before the hospital was fully operational again.
Aftermath The attack turned into a particularly sensitive issue and raised notable concerns of both experts and the general public, as it hit a large hospital just at the outbreak of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe. To prevent more damage, the Czech National Cyber and Information Security Agency (NÚKIB) issued a set of reactive measures to be implemented by healthcare providers subject to the Cyber Security Act.[7] In April 2020, it also issued a binding statement of Warning[8] alerting of a high probability of an imminent cyber attack on Czech digital infrastructure, mainly on healthcare providers.[9] The Warning was noted with concern by, inter alia, the United States Secretary of State.[10] Due to this and a number of similar incidents around the world, the EU and NATO also voiced their concerns.[11]
Analysed in Scenario 14: Ransomware campaign

Collected by: Adam Botek

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