Iranian internet blackout (2019)

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Date 23 November 2019
Actor Iran
Victims N/A
Target systems Internet service providers in Iran
Method In response to protests, the Iranian Government ordered a week-long internet blackout. Some networks had entirely withdrawn their traffic routes, while some only blocked traffic.[1] Through the blackout, the Iranian ‘national information network’, i.e. the internal network infrastructure, was still maintained and was accessible.[2]
Purpose To quell internal protests
Result While Iranians were deeply affected, whether the blackout affected other jurisdictions has not been widely reported.
Aftermath N/A
Analysed in Scenario 24: Internet blockage

Collected by: Gurshabad Grover & Arindrajit Basu

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  2. Al Jazeera, ‘After Internet Blackout, Iranians Take Stock’ (Tehran, 27 November 2019).