Israeli attack against Hamas cyber headquarters in Gaza (2019)

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Date On 4 May 2019, an airstrike was conducted against a building that housed Hamas cyber operatives in Gaza.[1]
Suspected actor Israel. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officially announced having targeted a building where the Hamas cyber operatives had worked, in retaliation for an earlier cyber operation launched by Hamas.[2]
Target Building located in Gaza which housed Hamas’ cyber headquarters.[1]
Target systems N/A
Method Kinetic operation. After having stopped the attempted cyber attack launched by Hamas through non-kinetic means, the IDF retaliated with an air strike against a building that housed Hamas cyber operatives.[2]
Purpose Retaliation and deterrence.[3] The airstrike was conducted in retaliation for an attempted cyber attack carried out by Hamas, in the context of an escalation of violence between Israeli forces and Hamas.[4]
Result The air strike partially destroyed the building that housed Hamas’ cyber headquarters.[5] An IDF’s spokesperson said that “Hamas no longer has cyber capabilities after our strike”.[6] No official information was found about whether the air strike resulted in casualties among Hamas members and/or civilians.
Aftermath The attack raised particular attention as the first case of a publicly announced kinetic attack used as immediate response to a non-kinetic operation during an armed conflict.[7]
Analysed in Scenario 18: Legal status of cyber operators during armed conflict

Collected by: Giulia Carlini

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