The Shadow Brokers publishing the NSA vulnerabilities (2016)

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Date August 2016
Suspected actor A group of hackers called The Shadow Brokers (TBS)[1]
Target The United States National Security Agency (NSA)
Target systems N/A
Method The TBS group claimed to have hacked the Equation Group, a sophisticated hacking team believed to be operated by the NSA.[2] The leaked material could have come from a compromised NSA staging server (used for attacks) or from the mistake of an NSA employee who used the tools and left them exposed on a remote computer.[3] However, as reported by the ENISA, determining the true origin of the of the leaked file is as hard as attributing the attack per se.[4]
Purpose Unknown
Result The TBS group released and auctioned off a series of hacking tools developed by the NSA.[5] The hacking tools leaked by the TBS were intended to exploit a number of vulnerabilities in Cisco routers, Microsoft Windows based systems, Linux mail servers.[6] The leaks also included a working directory of an NSA analyst breaking into the SWIFT banking network.[7]
Aftermath Even though it has been reported that the leaked material has been stolen in 2013,[8], [9] users have been able to update the hacking tools by readapting them. For instance, the “EXTRABACON” exploit has been modified in order to render it effective even for newer version of Cisco’s targeted softwares.[10] Besides, in 2017, TBS published “ETERNALBLUE”, the exploit that has been used as part of the WannaCry campaign during the same year.[11]

The leaking reveals the risk behind the secret development of hacking tools by national security agencies, which are not often willing to disclose software vulnerabilities to the software houses. [12]

Analysed in Scenario 07: Leak of State-developed hacking tools

Collected by: Samuele De Tomas Colatin

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